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With age comes ‘Wizdom.’ The Washington Wizards’ 50-and-older dance squad is thrilling crowds.

28/03/2019 17:01
The group has been such a success that the team will hold tryouts again this fall

The Washington Wizards have a new dance troupe. Wizdom, which features members who are all 50 and older, was created to whip up fans at Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C., and it seems to be working.

“The first performance that they did, you would have thought that we won the game,” said Derric Whitfield, Wizdom’s director. “They get a really intense crowd response — people standing up out of their seats, standing ovation.”

The 20 members (19 women and one man) of Wizdom are ages 50 to 76. They sport red and blue jumpsuits and white sneakers as they bring a new choreographed routine for seven of the season’s 40 home games. They dance mostly during timeouts, while the Wizards’ regular dance troupe, the Wizards Dancers, perform at halftime and other breaks during the game. The squad first took the court Nov. 24 and has performed twice since.


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