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Europe goes its own way on 5G and Huawei

28/03/2019 16:58
The European Union says it has developed a strategy to keep its 5G networks secure. It does not include a blanket ban on Huawei equipment.

The United States has been heaping pressure on European countries not to use Huawei equipment in next-generation 5G networks, saying products from the Chinese company present a security risk.

Huawei has repeatedly denied the accusations, and called on the Trump administration to provide evidence to back up its claims.

The European Commission made clear Tuesday that EU member states are responsible for making their own security decisions, but it asked them to complete 5G risk assessments by the end of June.

Countries will also conduct a wider security review by the end of December that will include steps to safeguard 5G networks at the EU level.


Top negotiators from the US and China will meet yet again in Beijing on Thursday and Friday, in the latest attempt by the world's two largest economies to hammer out a trade deal.