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TRUNG LAP PHU Garment Factory was established in 2006, is one of the subsidiary branches of  Saigon Garment Joint Stock Company 2.  Located in Cu Chi land area larger than 35,000 m2, including representative offices and houses. warehouses, production areas (area for cutting cloth, sewing products, ironing products, ...), canteens and other areas (parking lots, gardens, roads, ...). TRUNG LAP PHU is currently the workplace of more than 700 skilled workers.

Currently, in order to keep up with the production schedule as well as meet the supply in the market, we import more than 1300 specialized and modern machinery and equipment along with 14 production lines have been installed. TRUNG LAP PHU Garment Factory is ready to produce all garment products and respond quickly to  domestic and export customers' demands .

Main export markets: Japan and European countries.

Major products: Women's Trousers, Blazers, Office jackets, all kinds of Dresses - Dress, ...

Images of TLP garment factory

  • The TLP over views
  • 1. Factory main gate
  • TLP's factories
  • The spood
  • Yard near TLP'S factoreis
  • Reception area
  • The meeting room
  • The Planning department
  • Material warehouse
  • The warehouse
  • Cutting section
  • Cutting section (1)
  • Sewing section
  • In the TLP garment factory (1)
  • In the TLP garment factory (2)
  • Finishing section