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The meaning of the logo

Logo Saigon 2 Garment Corporation is designed in a modern style that is simple but very powerful and impressive, easy to identify. Brand symbols are conveyed through two important components: graphic icons and text icons. 

The logo symbol of the logo is made up of stylized lines of two flowing (curling) silk strips from the fabric shaft. The fabric shaft is like the radiant sun shining. This is the core business of the Corporation throughout the history of development. 

The word symbol on the right is the name of the company designed by a straight, bold, bright red font, confirming the strong and definitive character of the brand owners.

Red is a hot color, demonstrating the drastic, successful and winning beliefs. The gray color of the fabric blended into red makes the harmony and flexibility. The red in the Five Elements is positive, the gray compared to the red is negative, the yin and yang are merging together. The combination of contrast between the two yin and yang colors makes it easy to identify the Corporation image in any context, while creating a unified body.